Motorola seems to be pleased with the way the Atrix smartphone was interacting with the laptop dock it had available, so the US company promised to deliver such accessories with future products. “Lapdock” devices will be coming in Q2, according to Moto CEO Sanjay Jha.


Mind you that Engadget was disappointed by the Atrix 4G laptop dock, in spite of loving the concept, so let’s hope the new products manage to deliver and fulfill expectations. The Webtop software will also be upgraded and accessories will increase productivity, while price points will be varied, according to the same Motorola official.

Previously, we were promised that Webtop will be included in all of Motorola’s high end smartphones starting this summer, so it’s going to be sweet to use a Droid successor from now. If you want to experience the Lapdock/Webtop frenzy, the Atrix 4G will be bundled with the accessories mentioned courtesy of AT&T, with a price tag of $400 this month.

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