Motorola Glam is not exactly a best-seller, but still a decent enough handset to be turned into a world phone. The model number of this gadget is XT800 and we learn that it’ll support dual mode CDMA/GSM connectivity. The device keeps the specs of the original Glam, but there could be a slight upgrade in the CPU area.


We could see the Moto XT800 getting a 720MHz processor instead of the 550MHz TI OMAP one of the August phone version. There’s also a 5MP camera on board, complete with autofocus, dual LED flash, autofocus and video capture. Android 2.1 will run on the handset, that also comes with an e-Compass, HDMI output, Bluetooth 2.0 and A-GPS.

Let’s hope that Froyo will arrive on this model sooner than on the U.S. Galaxy S…

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