Motorola is not shy of taking advantage of the privileged status that the acquisition by Google offers them. Thus, after announcing that the Droid RAZR will get Android 4.0 soon enough, now they claim that we’ll see new devices for this platform in about 6 weeks after Google releases the final version of the OS.

While HTC and Sony Ericsson have made promises to look into the update as soon as possible, Moto is the first company brave enough to provide a timeline for their upgrades. We know that the Nexus S is privileged and getting the Android 4.0 software first, followed probably by the Motorola Xoom and according to its maker the Droid Bionic and RAZR.

What really makes me curios are those new Android 4.0 units that are supposed to come soon… Maybe they include the two new flavors of Xoom, plus some new Droid and maybe a new Atrix model. I’m also curios to see if Motorola will implement Motoblur on this version of Android, since the criticism against this UI has always been great.

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