The Nokia N9 has been barely out a couple of weeks and already there’s talk about a successor.. This supposed Nokia N10 model is detailed by a Finnish blogger, Tero Lehto, who also reviewed the N9 and detailed a possible N9 successor. He also talks about the N9’s update…


The blogger was so convincing that he appeared in Finnish IT magazine Tietokone, where he mentioned that two sources close to Nokia (an operator and a wholesales) have intel on a N9 successor. Well, MeeGo may seem dead, but it may in fact be shaped into Tizen, a platform I’ve been hearing about a lot lately. Maemo is also not completely dead, so that’s an option, of course…

Since the N9 was stunning, I can’t really imagine what the N10 would bring and I’d be happy to see the N950 turning into a commercial product, instead of a developer-only affair. What would you like: an evolution of MeeGo, Maemo back or the brand new Tizen OS? You have the say!

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