Motorola continues its open source/ user friendly policy of offering bootloader unlock for its devices, this time for the RAZR i and RAZR HD models. The bootloader unlock covers the RAZR HD models in Europe, Australia, South American and on Rogers, in Canada, while the RAZR is covered for all the regions in the world.


The bootloader unlock program is a way to modify software easily on Motorola phones without making consumers purchase an unlocked developer edition of the handsets. The US Droid RAZR HD will be one of those models with that requirement, needing a special version purchase. In case you’re not familiar with such customizations, know that unlocking the boot loader allows the user to apply custom ROMs on their handsets. Standard users are advised not to unlock the boot loader if they don’t know what they’re doing.

The idea is that you may void your warranty on your phone or the warranty from your operator if you mess with the bootloader. Anyway, if you feel that Moto is too slow when providing software updates and want to use CyanogenMod 10 and the likes on your device, a boot loader unlock is what you need.

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