MWC 2011 might have ended, but the hype surrounding some devices present at the show isn’t gone! We were there on the floor of the conference in Barcelona, touching and testing many tablets, but there was only webOS 3.0 device. HP TouchPad is the fruit of the cooperation between Palm and HP and it’s not that bad, either!


We can’t shake the feeling that the OS on this device is so similar to MeeGo, but hey webOS and Nokia’s former main platform have some developers in common, right? Moving on to the device, we find this business slate a decent alternative for the already appealing Honeycomb tablets. Its keyboard can be tweaked size-wise and even if this is a product for businessmen, HP found the time to include some smiley keys.

What you see here is the WiFi only version of the TouchPad, with 3G and 4G versions coming afterwards. On board, the device has a 9.7 inch display, a Snapdragon CPU (dual core, 1.2GHz), a 6300mAh battery, 1.3MP camera at the front and 32GB of internal memory.

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