After seeing so much top notch technology at MWC 2011, let’s have a look at the useful side of innovation. Emporia’s booth in Barcelona hosted two very interesting products: a phone with an SOS feature and a watch with the same ability. This combo is meant for people with health problems and the elderly who need to alert someone that they’re feeling bad.


The Emporia phone comes with an SOS button, while the watch simply needs to have its buttons pressed to make the handset send the alert message. This combo of products can be used by people who go hiking in remote areas, elderly folks and people with disabilities. The watch and handset are connected up to a maximum distance of 20 to 30 meters and it seems that the phone will be available for 150 to 200 euros, but the price will also depend on carrier subsidy.

This device operates in any country and it comes with GPS and GSM connectivity. There was another Emporia cellphone at the MWC 2011 booth, one that’s ideal for construction workers, as it comes with large keys, easy to operate with a glove on. Also, the product is resilient to water, dust and shock, among others. More details in the video!

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