Checking out Reddit today we stumbled upon a fresh piece of the puzzle called Google I/O 2014 and Android 4.5/5.0. Apparently, the new status bar in Android 4.5/5.0 has leaked and it’s shown below.


io 5

It appears that Google goes even more minimalistic and basically gives separating the status bar with any type of color variation. There’s also a comparison between the two versions below, just in case you were wondering about it. Strangely, the time is still 4:40, although it should be 5:00 or whatever the next version of Android is. As you know, Google hints at versions using the time on the status bar.

io 5 2

Anyway the first image above was leaked on this official page, so it’s legit. It’s not a major change, but still important, since it blends the status bar within the rest of the UI. Also, the icons are slightly tweaked, with different bars for the signal, a different top of the battery icon and a more narrow WiFi symbol. Expect more leaks over the next few days, as I/O approaches!

Via Reddit

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