There have been rumors lately saying that Apple is looking to ditch the audio jack on future iPhones and today we uncover a patent that shows a change of their current speaker design. This brand new patent was published this week and details an electromagnet that may replace the speaker grille.



With the audio jack gone and speaker grille gone, Apple would be able to make a waterproof iPhone easily. The Cupertino giant wants to completely change the game and remove the usual speaker holes and the connection between the insides of the device and the outside. They will do that by replacing the diaphragm with an electromagnet, that includes a core portion attached to the top panel and a coil connected to the core portion.

There’s an attractor plate attached to the bottom panel, that will move and produce a sound when there’s an electrical audio signal applied to the electromagnet. The permanent magnet part will create a bias in the magnetic circuit and modify the distortion in sound. The result is both high fidelity and a waterproof device, as Apple itself states in the patent. How does that sound to you?

Via patentlyapple

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