WWDC 2009 is just days away and one might think that it’s the time to kick back, relax, enjoy the weekend and wait for the new iPhone to be officially announced. However, we’re overwhelmed by rumours and leaked pictures, like the one below, that surfaced on an Italian website.




It seems that the pics are taken from the new Apple webpage of the 3rd-gen iPhone, but don’t start looking it up, since it hasn’t been published yet. Among the details we noticed there’s the opaque back that seems to have a pretty good grip and it doesn’t look at all like a fingerprint magnet, unlike the previous versions.

We spotted the power button on the top left instead of the top right and if you look carefully, you’ll be able to see that the headphone jack is on the bottom right, instead of top left. Also, there’s a new side button on the bottom right side, that could be a camera button, but we’re not sure. Of course, you should not take the pics for granted, at least for 3 more days.

[via Unwired View]

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