Here we go again with the Google Nexus One touchscreen issue… You might remember that cool test app that revealed issues on Nexus One’s multitouch system, but was pretty OK when tested on Moto Droid. The software tracked the user’s fingers on the screen and we sure hope that the problems found on Nexus One will be gone on devices that use the following technology:


Synaptics ClearPad 3000 Series from Synaptics, Inc. on Vimeo.

This is ClearPad 3000, a sensor that supports true multitouch with up to 10 touches, so unless you’re using your toes as well, you should be fine. We have t mention that Motorola Droid uses the ClearPad 2000 sensor, dating back from 2007 and used by HTC on many devices. It works pretty swell with pinch to zoom actions in the browser, but manages to stumble in games, when two finger movements are needed.

As far as Nexus One’s problem is concerned, XDA Developers forum member Cyanogen (Steve Kondik) found that there’s a hack in the framework on the Droid, but this hack is lacking from Google’s Phone. The fact that this option is disabled causes the axis-flipping issues found by the above mentioned multitouch test app.

A simple firmware update might solve this, but we’d certainly like the ClearPad 3000 to be present on the next Nexus.

[via Phone Arena]

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