In case you weren’t sure about HTC HD2’s processing power, here’s another proof: it’s able to run Windows 95 without too much fuss and we’re sure it can even go further with desktop OSes. Although the device is not good enough to run Windows Phone 7, according to Microsoft, we wouldn’t be surprised if Win XP was emulated on it as well…


Back to Win 95, the OS runs in VGA mode on the handset, courtesy of the 1 GHz CPU and a hack tested by the XDA Developers community. The Qemu processor emulator does the trick and the software is even able to run Starcraft on the smartphone. Qemu was created by Russian hackers and you’ve certainly got to love that virtual keyboard shown on screen.

A couple of bugs are also present, like the mouse control, but still the OS is pretty usable. Some XDA members have mentioned that they got Win 98 running on the handset and we wonder what version will end this porting spree…

[via wmpoweruser]

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