With all the turnmoil from last week, one might even start to believe that there will be no Nexus Prime announcement at all. Well, rest easy as a Samsung official has just confirmed that the name Nexus Prime is real and that the handset will be coming soon.


The confirmation came from Andrew Glass, UK Samsung Sales Director, that was participating in a ceremony meant to award the Galaxy S II for being the “Phone of the Year”, according to T3. Nexus Prime is a big deal these days, since its debut coincides with the launch of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the game changing platform that every Android fan is waiting for.

We expect the new Nexus to debut in the following weeks, with October 26th being the favourite date, since Google and Samsung supposedly want to take the shine away from Nokia and Microsoft, who start Nokia World 2011 on the same day. Last week, we’ve seen a major leak of the phone, with complete video showing the interaction with the new Android on it. We’ve yet to see the back of the device and sides… but that’s probably coming soon, via leak as well!

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