Cricket Communications announced yesterday that it’ll start selling the Nokia 1606 flip phone. This handset is destined for users who are keen on web browsing, games and texting, all done with the aid of a slim device. Nokia 1606 also integrates a flashlight (mounted in the hinge), a speakerphone and PC contact sync.


The 1606 has a decent specs list for the price of $129.99: a color TFT internal display (128 x 160 resolution), a monochrome external display (96 x 32 resolution), a voice memo recording function, SMS/MMS (predictive text supported) and a decent battery (3.5 hours of talk time and 11 days of standby).

This 2.68 ounces heavy handset comes with an unlimited plan via Cricket and it’s certainly one for “active and dynamic users”, as claimed by Dirk Williamson, Nokia’s vice president, NA carrier sales.

[via businesswire]

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