The Lumia 2520 tablet was supposed to have a successor, one that even had the Nokia branding on it. Well, that model leaked this week and it’s a cancelled slate, in case you’re wondering.


Specs changes are minimal from the original unit and the OS is still Windows RT, version 8.1 this time. So, with outdated specs and a dead OS, it’s no wonder this product got cancelled. Codenamed Nokia RX-115/RX-116, the slate has a Snapdragon 800 processor inside and at the back we find what seems to be a pretty solid Pureview camera sensor, with Zeiss optics.

The camera module seems to resemble the one of the Lumia 830, apparently. This slate’s design is typical for a Lumia, with its Fabula design approach and it’s a pity this model never came to life. We know Microsoft likes to recycle projects, so maybe one day, this model will be back, with different specs.


via tablet news