Monday, June 18th is a date surrounded in mystery and with lots of interest around it. First we’ve got Microsoft with a mysterious event that some people say it’s related to a tablet, maybe a Nokia tablet and then Nokia’s event, that might just be a common one with MS. Part of the mystery has been revealed, as the photos included in this article include a photo of the Map of Hawaii and a photo of a music gear. We speculated on the launch event here, but now things are more certain.


Hawaii has the area core 808 and the music gear is the Roland TR-808 controller. So, it’s clear now that the Nokia 808 PureView handset will be coming to the States on Monday, in an official announcement. This is the 41 megapixel cameraphone that everyone has been talking about ever since it was shown at MWC 2012. But where does Microsoft factor in here? Maybe the two events are separated, or maybe Microsoft wants to also launch a Windows Phone version of the PureView. How about that?

And making all of this a triplet, Verizon also has an event on June 18th, meant to unveil a new type of fiber Internet/cable service, with 300 Mbps download speeds. The price will be around $200 a month with a 2 year contract and the carrier already published a teaser called “Moment of Silence”, that you can see at the end of this article. Interestingly enough, the teaser includes a kids with a tablet, so once again this makes me think about Microsoft and a potential Nokia tablet to unite all 3 events…

Worst case scenario: we get PureView 808 from Nokia, Windows Phone 8 from MS and FiOS from Verizon. Best case scenario: we get the PureView, Windows Phone 8 PureView, Nokia Windows 8 tablet and all of that with some special offers from Verizon, as far as connectivity goes.

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