We’ve seen BlackBerry 10 OS leaked before in a bunch of clear screenshots and now we have more, as we prepare for the fall unveiling of the platform. Crackbery had some hands on quality time with the OS, giving users a look into RIM’s possible future, in case they don’t get bought by Microsoft or Samsung.


We get to see the homescreen, the software’s icon tray, unified inbox and a new thing: the music player. This version of BlackBerry 10 OS isn’t final and it could change between now and the fall of 2012. The innovative keyboard that RIM came up with is included here and according to the people who tested it, it’s very comfortable. It has predictive text, with users being able to flick up and pick the appropriate words. As far as the Homescreen goes, the icons have a very QNX-like styling to me, but after all BB 10 is inspired by QNX.

Overall, this platform looks like a major change compared to the BB 7, which is a good thing, considering that previous system wasn’t that good. RIM is expected to launch its first device in at least August 2012 with BB 10 OS on board, but it’s likely that they’ll do that later in the year. Also, keep in mind that the OS won’t come to current BlackBerry phones, so people with BB 7 will have to hold on to it forever. What do you think of the music player? I think it’s quite simple and I’m not that impressed…

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