Nokia Lumia 800 has been the talk of the town since it was unveiled back at Nokia World 2011. Now we’re introduce to its creation process, courtesy of a Nokia video, that you can see below. The Lumia 800 is basically the twin of the N9 model, but it’s actually much more…


This small documentary shows the cooperation with Microsoft, the prototype phase, the wood moldings, the sketches, all the work behind this handset… For one thing, we learn that Nokia’s “Fabula” design language was used to craft the smartphone, completed with Microsoft’s Metro interface, that’s the foundation of both Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Machines working on the handset, a wax prototype and more, all of these will be found in the documentary. Of course, this video is part of a huge marketing campaign that will go through hundreds of millions of dollars, in the attempt to let everyone know that Microsoft and Nokia are working together with the plan to make the world a better place, one based on Windows Phone and Metro UI.

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