Nokia kept its promise and delivered the update for the Lumia 900, that fixes its problems. You may remember that the first sales of the device were followed by some unlucky users complaining about a software bug that doesn’t allow them to connect to the Internet. Well, that’s taken care of now.

This reminds me of the problem that Nokia Lumia 800 had initially, when its battery was drained very fast. While Nokia’s update then didn’t fix much, the following update did and now I’m curios what the feedback will be for the Lumia 900 new patch. Nokia is keen on reminding everyone that this is a mere software issue and isn’t related to the phone hardware or the network. They also offer a $100 AT&T bill credit to everyone who already purchased a Lumia 900 or will purchase one before April 21st.

How about this good will gesture? I have to hand it to them, they sure know how to promote their gear: concerts, billboards, skyscrapers, quick bug fixes and great PR. The MS and Nokia PR machine is working fine. Must be those $100 million working… Keep in mind that you can also exchange your Lumia 900 unit with a working one if you don’t want to update.