Nokia Lumia 920 and its official announcement brought trouble early this month, when the device’s promo video for the OIS (optical image stabilization) was proved to be a fake. Since then Nokia has apologized and provided genuine footage of the handset’s optical potential. Today we see a video test that involves a remote control toy car, with a Lumia 920 strapped to it and a Galaxy S III as well.


Both the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Nokia Lumia 920 had their video capture on and they were attached to the little remote controlled vehicle, that moved around at reasonably high speed. The ride is bumpy and shaky enough to put the stabilizers on both handsets to the test. The result shows us a Lumia 920 with great colours and brightness, but also great stabilization, while the Galaxy S III didn’t handle the test that well. Bumps and jerks are present, as shown in the video below.

The comparison was done by a Russian tester and there’s no Nokia toying with the results this time. Ever since the OIS video incident, Nokia has been open about allowing people to test their handset and its camera abilities, which is a good thing. Now we wait for our turn to test the device…

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