While offering a demo of the NFC features on a Nokia 700 unit, folks toying with the device could see two mysterious handsets shown on screen. I’m talking here about the promo video for Nokia’s NFC function, that reveals a beautiful curved handset and another with more regular design.


Rumored to be Nokia N8-01, or maybe the Nokia N801 considering the new pattern, the curved smartphone with Symbian Belle drew all eyes upon it. And what’s not to like? It has the latest and most beautiful Symbian, lots of curves, a slim and sexy design, plus an unique feat for Nokia: capacitive call and end call buttons at the bottom.

To make things clearer, the model we’re more interesting is the curvy one, but there’s another leak here. As shown in the video below, side by side, of a shorter handset, that’s flat and more compact. I’m certainly loving the screen integration of the model with the capacitive call buttons, making me think again of the potentially useful edge to edge screen technology… Could that be the case here?

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