The folks of were lucky enough to get hold of a Nokia N8 unit and get some hands on quality time with it. The result were the following pics, plus a couple of impressions that can be read after the break. This is a prototype we’re dealing with, but still a pretty hot looking device.


Tweakers claims that the tapered design makes the handset look thinner and futuristic, in a good way. Also, this is possibly the most powerful cameraphone on the market, specially since the N8 is able to take better pics than more compact cameras. You can consider this the perfect choice of cameraphone because of the price, huge 12 megapixel sensor, 28mm wide angle, 720p HD video capture and more.

Also, the device supports Stereo audio recording and the photo samples  published on the web pretty much show the quality of its camera. Scrolling through photos is done with much ease and galleries will show thumbnails seamlessly. Very few clicks are required in menus, which is very neat, as well as the graphical effects in menus, like the smooth bounce at the end of a list.

The browser is the same as the one on N97, while pinch zoom works well. These are the conclusions available for now, so we’re looking forward to seeing a more detailed review.

[via mynokiablog]

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