Since I’m in the process of testing and reviewing a Nokia N9 unit, it would be a pity not to give you a tutorial of syncing. Imagine that you own an Android device and that all your calendar appointments, emails and contacts are stored in your associated Google account. If you switch to MeeGo and the N9 how can you get those on board? Here’s how:


First of all, you need to click the Accounts section on the screen, followed by Mail for Exchange. Then you select Add Account, input your Google username and password, followed by the server You must leave the Contacts, Calendar and Mail sync enabled and also select a schedule of “always up to date” updating, for instant syncing.

Finally, you press the done button and you’re all done setting, so it’s now time for data transfers. After all is done, you can check the contacts section, the calendar and the email for your previous data from the Android handset you had. Easy, simple and fast! You can even add a new calendar date and it will be synced with your Google account right from the N9. Check out the video for more info:

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