The Nokia N9 MeeGo phone has been talked about a lot lately and after a series of reviews, it’s time to check out the disassembly of the handset. It’s usually the dissection of an iPhone that stirs up people’s interest, but the first (and possibly last) MeeGo handset is also interesting.


Considering the uniformity of the design on this device, it’s hard to find some screws or a loose area to speculate on when opening up the smartphone. The place to search is the top, where you find the microUSB port and microSIM card slot. That’s the place where the screws start opening and the people who know how to open a handset show us in the video below how to remove the display panel and remove the components one by one.

Everything looks well organized and frankly these chips and transistors don’t mean much to me, but maybe to you they do, so enjoy the video. I wonder what the Nokia N950 looks like now, after seeing this clip. Also, I wonder how comfy these gloves really are for handling components like these…

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