We’ve seen the Nokia N9 running Android 4.0 before, through a port that seemed very unstable and now it’s back with a more stable build. Ice Cream Sandwich runs in version 4.0.3 on this MeeGo phone with polycarbonate case. There’s a video below showing you how the handset runs and you get to see the Play Store on it, a bit of the browser, dialer and settings.


The developers of NITDroid are to thank for this awesome job, that will maybe one day get enough traction to convince Nokia to develop a partnership with Google. Till then remember this name – “Project Mayhem”, that’s associated to this project. What you see here is Alpha Release 1 of the Android 4.0.3 software running on the N9. As shown in the video, the browsing experience seems a bit out of focus, but at least they implemented the virtual keys in Android 4.0 right.

Google Play also looks reasonably well in the few seconds it appears and the multitasking area works perfectly. If they keep this up, I think that by the half of the year people will be buying the N9 just to look cool running Android 4.0 on it. Would you buy such a hacked device?

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