Remember the image below, of the Nokia N9, leaked a while ago? Apparently, the device is not what we belived it to be and it looks nothing like this. Also, we’ve learned some important details about its specifications, due to a conversation between @camb078 and @addiermedina.

Supposed specifications of the first MeeGo smartphone include the following:

  • Display: 4.2 inch AMOLED display
  • Battery: 1600mAh (B4-LD)
  • Memory: 1GB ROM, 768MB RAM
  • Camera: 12MP Carl Zeiss

For now we have no info on resolution or the real battery, since there could be a typo involved and the BL-4D is known as the 1200mAh unit. The performance of the device is truly incredible at 190 polygons/second, according to the same tweets. So, what designs do you have in mind for this monster of a smartphone?

  • Pol

    Where @camb078 and @addiermedina take their info? Don’t create hope or give unconfirmed informations. Nokia has yet to confirm the existence of this device, so one can say anything in the meantime. Pol

  • Zoltan Szogyenyi

    You’re right, I was thinking about the same thing aswell.. They might just throw out random informations about the N9. Anyone could do this.

  • It is the N9 but delopver model like E7 was whit N8. Then they just disided to releas the E7. I dont think they will not releas the N9 delopver model.