Remember what Stephen Elop said about the sinking ship at Nokia? Well, we’ve found a ship of our own inside the box of the Nokia N9 that we’re testing these days. This first and last MeeGo device was offered to us by Nokia for testing purposes and I already find it a fantastic piece of work.


Inside the box we find the handset covered with plastic wrap, a special flexible case for the device, a bunch of manuals and… the ship-like box area I mentioned. Inside the ship there are 3 compartments: one for the headphones, one for the charger and one for the USB cable. The MeeGo smartphone feels extremely light, looks very thin and I simply love how compact it is. The camera is perfectly integrated into the back and the front cam is very originally integrated into the lower side.

From what I can see it takes a while to get used to swiping your way around MeeGo, but with the PlayBook experience in mind it should be a breeze. I’ll be back in a couple of days with the full review of this gem. I have to remind you that this model was designed with the users’ preferences in mind, following a poll made specifically to find out their design wishes.

Here’s the “sinking ship” in the picture below, followed by the unboxing video:

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