We have finally found a way to fix what’s wrong with the Galaxy S II! The latest update for this handset enlarges the on-screen icons by 30%, as if that was the thing that’s wrong with the smartphone that already sold 10 million units worldwide…


You can see in the image above a comparison between the old and the new icons to get a better idea of what you’re getting into. Following the software update, you’ll see horizontal rows of 3 icons instead of 4 and the apps section will display a 3 by 3 array of applications. The funny thing here is that Apple is to blame for this move, since they’ve sued Samsung for the UI they use, as it’s considered an iPhone UI clone.

Thus, with larger icons and a 3×3 setup, no one can say they look alike, right? At least one of the sections in the Samsung-Apple lawsuit will be gone now and a patent is free. I already considered the icons on this phone too big… imagine how it looks now! And what’s next? Doing the same thing on Samsung tablets?!

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