Nokia N900 should be available starting November 16 and its pricing options have just been revealed, in case you were starting to save money just now. You can get the Internet Tablet/smartphone with a 24 month contract, for £20 per month from Orange, bundled with a 200 minutes offer. This will make the handset retail for £170.


Also, you get the N900 from O2, for £30 per month, with a 24 month deal that includes 600 minutes and a cost of the phone going down to £10. There’s also the option of getting the device for free, with a 24 month deal on Orange, setting you back £35 per month, with 900 minutes included.

If you’re going for cheap options, pick the 18 month contract, with a £25 per month fee, again on Orange, with 600 minutes and a £220 phone cost.

[via pocket lint]