Nokia N950 is in fact the leaked model we’ve seen over the past months in various photos that showed the N9. Well, as the Nokia N9 model was announced this week in Singapore, we quickly learned that the leaked unit was in fact the Nokia N950, a special MeeGo unit for developers.

It’s only now that we received the first official press photos of the N950, showing a beautiful body, much like the N9, plus a sliding QWERTY keyboard. Keep in mind that the majority of photos don’t exactly show the keyboard and back of the device, that are still subjected to change over the following months. This makes the N950 shown here a mere prototype for now…

Don’t expect to see this model in stores, since it’s created for developers and testing purposes and it comes without warranty. There are rumors about a supposed 12 megapixel camera at the back, but we have no confirmation yet. What’s certain is that I’m loving that keyboard shown in the hands on video below and taking a bit from the design of the keypad on Nokia E7. How about some Android love on the N950, courtesy of that Alien Dalvik solution?

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