If you were wondering what Nokia’s up to in weekends, here’s a clue: the UX Meets Code event took place on December 4-6, in Barcelona and its feedback, plus projects are starting to come up online. Here’s a brief video, detailing the event and showing wonderful sights from the Spanish city:

The event was destined for the Maemo community developers and user experience (UX) professionals, who were supposed to meet 3 days and discuss new ideas and opportunities. About 50 peoples were invited to discuss the future of the Maemo platform and mobile user experience, with the purpose of improving usability and visual appeal of Maemo apps and improving the UX documentation for Maemo developers.

Getting an important group of people interested in pushing forward “UX Meets Code” activities online and offline is another priority of the select group of people taking part in the event. UX professional from the Maemo team, Forum Nokia and developer partners are involved. Ideas and future apps can be seen in action here.

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