After the leak from weeks ago involving Stephen Elop and an internal video of a Nokia Windows Phone device came the second leak, once again of a handset with WP7 inside a factory. Meanwhile, the device got some reputation and the name of Sea Ray. Well, now we have some more leaked Nokia models with Mango OS…


Strangely enough these don’t quite look like Sea Ray, so the situation gets interesting, especially with that Nokia-Microsoft event on August 17th. As far as the source of this leak is concerned, “someone claiming to be from Microsoft” is the author and initially the phones appeared in a video that mixed Nokia and Microsoft concepts. Sadly, that video has been taken down now…

We could be dealing with fakes here or someone crafty enough to apply Mango overlays to some older Microsoft and Nokia prototypes. No trace of specs or any other mention, aside from these photos, so we have to take them for granted. At least the removed video can be a tiny hint towards the authenticity of the leak. Which one of these devices do you like best?

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