Believe it or not, Nokia won’t be showcasing any products at MWC 2010, in Barcelona, as they’ve confirmed they won’t take part in the annual tech event. The info first surfaced during Nokia World 2009 in September and it was recently confirmed by Nokia officials that only Nokia Siemens Networks will have a stand at MWC 2010.


If you check out the MWC 2010 Exhibitor list, available here, you’ll find no trace of Nokia. The folks of Unwired View checked the story out and contacted MWC PR agency, asking if Nokia will be at the event or not. The answer was pretty straightforward and it seems we won’t be seeing the Finns at next year’s show.

Turns out that Nokia wants to focus on the infrastructure side of the business via Nokia Siemens Networks’ participation at the event. It will be pretty boring without them, don’t you think?

[via Unwired View]

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