Olio is a new company in the smartwatch segment, one that has a very interesting smartwatch shown in the video below. This model is called Olio Model 1 and it’s being detailed in the clip by the company’s founder, Steven Jacobs.


Steven Jacobs has a rich background, that includes companies like Apple or HP, while the other members of Olio stem from Box, Oracle, Amazon, NASA or Pixar. The Olio Model 1 is certainly a premium affair and it’s meant to reach customers in the summer of 2015. This is not a crowdfounded project, but rather an effort from a serious team, it appears.


The key function here isn’t the hardware or software on the wrist, but rather a learning engine, that makes better and better suggestions for the wearer. This is called Olio Assist and it’s a cloud service that allows the watch and phone interact on a constant basis and predicts your actions. For example, it can detect it’s raining and propose an Uber for you.

Basically, it’s like a more evolved Google Now, that’s more… in your face so to say. The Olio OS comes with activity tracking features and allows you which system you’re going to use with its sensors. The device’s case is made of solid steel and its strap can be replaced. Olio Model 1 offers 2 days of battery life and has more water resistance than the Apple Watch.

The price starts at $595.


via ablogtowatch

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