As you might already know, the Opera Mobile 10 browser has been released in its Android version and with this occasion, Opera has been provided as a cross-platform UI and development platform for most handsets. This includes device that run Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android, but also feature phones running S40 and more.

Opera mentions that its widget-based app environment will decrease the development costs, while the time it takes for software to reach the market will also be decreased. The user experience will be improved and the resulting UI will be more attractive, among other features.

The idea of a browser-based UI was approached by the folks of Access before, through the Netfront browser, but it’s only now that the concept gets developed and seems feasible. OEMs and carriers will be pleased with the news, specially thanks to the lowered costs, but we’re really worried about the lack of user-friendliness and lag of the resulting interface.

[via wmpoweruser]

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