While the specs on our phones are keeping improving, it seems that the batteries units found inside are keep getting smaller. In order to solve this problem, a company called Oukitel revealed a smartphone prototype that brings in the package a huge 10.000 mAh battery that might solve our biggest fear ever.


According to the producer, this smartphone will give us up to 7 days of lifetime. We get to know that the operating system that might arrive on this device is Android 5.1 Lollipop. We could not notice the fact that the phone’s thickness is pretty big, so not everybody will enjoy using such a chunky device.


However, we don’t know if Oukitel will bring just a single 10.000 mAH battery unit, or two separate batteries in the same package, idea found recently on a Gionee phone. Will you consider buying this phone if it gets real at some time?

via: wccftech.comĀ