We all know that Palm canceled its Foleo companion, but we learned to never say never, specially when dealing with companies like Palm. Now it turns out that Foleo will be resurrected and turned into a webOS netbook, according to an investor note from Global Equities Research.



The design of the new device will be similar to the original concept, or so claims analyst Trip Chowdhry. The new Foleo will be based on an ARM processor and a Qualcomm Gobi chipset, for the 3G duties. Also, it’ll get a very neat battery, providing 8-10 hours of action, with the Internet always in use.

Palm netbook’s price would be similar to the ones of the rivalling products, around $399, but this 10 inch beauty will pack 3G connectivity, which is a plus, compared to the other models.

[via electronista]

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