Now that Palm Pre is out, it’s time to compare its features to those of the most popular Apple and RIM handsets: the iPhone and BlackBerry Storm. This time we’re dealing with a mobile browser comparison, that will decide with of the three devices loads faster and allows better interaction:

We learn at the start that WiFi was turned off on the iPhone 3G and Palm Pre, while Storm doesn’t support it, so it’s OK. Cache was cleared and the handsets are going to be relying on AT&T’s 3G network, Sprint and Verizon’s EVDO network respectively. The reviewer entered the address on all 3 phones simultaneously and watched as they loaded the site.

The iPhone was the first to finish, followed very closely by Palm Pre, while BlackBerry Storm lagged behind, a lot. Next, we got to see some multitouch and finger scrolling action on the iPhone and Pre, both looking smooth and easy to use. Double tap to zoom, pinch in and out, they worked just fine, while Storm also supported a smooth scrolling and double tap zooming.

No multitouch on RIM’s handset though…

[via YouTube]