Pantech has yet another phone that aims at the US public, after the Breakout LTE model. This one is less about the novelty in specs and more about the design, since it’s an ultraslim model called Hotshot. The phone is pictured below:


Pantech Hotshot is a feature phone in nature, meaning that it has the most basic of functions and not huge expectations around it. The device doesn’t even run Android and it comes with Opera Mini Browser if you want to access the web. Packing a 3.2 inch display, the handset is very slim at 0.35 inches and it’s also got a LCD touch display and the basic functions: text, photo, video, voice messaging, calls and instant messaging.

There’s also a VZ Navigator for GPS navigation purposes, turn by turn navigation and more. Bluetooth connectivity is also available, as well as a 2GB microSD card bundled with the phone and the option to up to 32GB of storage. The pricing here is a bit strange, at $99, the same as the one of the hardcore specced Breakout, after mail in rebate.

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