Child Sex Internet Investigations Unit member Mike Harris, from Jefferson County, Colorado started using a new software that allows parents and the authorities to monitor the kids’cellphones in order to track down sexual predators.

Using the software, Harris pretended to be an underage child on social networking sites and tried to uncover pedophiles, making no less than 83 arrests of supposed sexual predators, 44 of them thanks to the above-mentioned software.


This useful app also documents text messages and other important data, so it can be used in a trial, as piece of evidence. There are many options, when using such software, programs like My Mobile Watchdog and Mobile Spy being among the most popular. Such apps help parents protect their children against predators and “sexting” (using handsets to share sexually explicit text messages and pictures).

The software works by creating a list of contacts on the child’s phone, that includes close relatives and friends, who will be able to communicate with the young one’s device. There’s also an online file available, storing all activity related to the kid’s phone, texts or shared pictures. Every unauthorized number that contacts the child gets flagged and the kid’s supervisors get a real time message when this happens.