PBX Telecom and ARVO Group have just launched the PBX TV USA IPTV service, based on a master server found in Chicago. The network will expand with the aid of publishing points on the East and West Coast. For now, PBX TV USA provides 30 Romanian TV channels in any area of the US, available on the PC, TV and mobile.


The service includes almost 40 channels, appealing to the Romanians in the US, 10 of which are available for free. Till September 30, the monthly fee for PBX TV will be $5.99, but when the following 3 months are over, you’ll need to purchase credits, starting with a minimum fee of $10.

This product was initially available in Romania, 3 years ago and it was implemented by PBX Telecom SRL. Its local user base surpasses 165.000 clients and growing. Also, users get all kinds of new features like VOIP, skip forward when watching a movie (Video on Demand), enhanced video renderer support, mail/SMS invitations, DVD playback and HD streaming.

[via mobilissimo.ro]

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