YouTube is having a busy pair of weeks, since it has recently introduced the 4K video format and also launched Leanback, a TV-friendly interface, that was shown in action during Google TV’s launch. Also, yet another YouTube product was announced: a brand new mobile site, complete with new features.

As far as Leanback is concerned, this interface works via keyboard arrow keys, so you can’t use the mouse to control it, allowing the user to scroll through recommendations and feeds, plus categories and playback options. You’ll also access the search bar, while the videos will encompass the whole browser menu and will provide HD quality.

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Navigation is responsive and as far as the new YouTube mobile site is concerned, the product comes with a more touch-friendly interface, incorporating ratings and favourites. Overall, the experience is speedier and you can check out both Leanback and the new mobile YouTube in action in the vids below:

[via Engadget]

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