You might have heard about Pilotfish before, since this is the German design firm that showed the world the wonderful Onyx concept phone, a couple of years ago and now they’re back with another hot product. This time, we’re dealing with a concept phone that supports music editing on the go and bears the name of Ondo.



Pilotfish Ondo features a small mixing panel and 3 removable recording sticks packing internal memory and based on OLED technology. The center of the handset is twistable, since it’s made out of form-sensitive flexible materials, allowing you to twist and bend it in order to modify sounds/audio samples, insert pitch bends and mix music.

The removable memory sticks can be attached to musical instruments, for recording purposes and they’ll also become the phone’s main panel, once they’re attached to Ondo. Trade them with other Ondo users for a better sample variation and start a techno party just by using this very cool handset.



[via Concept Phones]

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