We all know that president Obama was a BlackBerry user, a pretty hardcore one actually, but he had to give up on the device, for security reasons. Now, there’s finally a decent replacement for RIM’s popular handset, a Windows Mobile phone, that costs about $3500. Known as Sectera Edge, the device comes with e-mail and web browsing, plus secure and non-secure wireless mode.



Sectera Edge works everywhere on the globe, thanks to its global roaming support (GSM, CDMA, WiFi) and it even does VoIP. Of course the e-mail function is a secure one and the device supports wireless desktop synchronization, classified/unclassified PDA functions (one touch switching between them) and advanced security features.

Classified data on the device uses type 1 encryption and after all of these security-oriented specs, the handset deserves its NSA-certified logo.

[via wmpoweruser]

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