Rule the Kingdom is an RPG title that also mixes in city-building, farming and storytelling. If you are a fan of RPGs, Rule The Kingdom, developed by Game Insight International, is certainly something for you.


In Rule the Kingdom you will be involved in an adventure that will take you through thrilling battles against fearsome trolls, skeletons and even demons in order to save your empire. It will be necessary to build homes, and generate goods to strengthen the castle, so as to control the entire kingdom. During the course of the game you will be accompanied by various written hints, hopefully you will love it as much as the klik her games. In addition, there are no buttons to move characters at designated points, you must then use the touch that will indicated an action that is required. You will need to also try to collect many items to be sold, in order to build and buy other items.

In Rule the Kingdom you will be involved directly in the many battles between your army and that of your enemies. This title offers an extremely fun gameplay. Good graphics and sound are also here to give you an enjoying experience. The storyline is engaging enough to keep you playing for some time. Enjoy the trailer bellow.


Rule the Kingdom is available for free for iPad, iPhone and Android. Hit the QR Code bellow to faster access the iPhone version.