After last week’s Motorola event, the US company is now preparing for yet another press conference, this time one hosted together with Intel. Odds are that we’ll see a new smartphone or two, with the Intel CPU inside. Although we have no idea what to expect, one of the newcomers could be the Motorola XT890, that was just approved by the FCC.


The handset is rumored to be a global version of the RAZR M with a 2 GHz CPU and 897 x 540 screen resolution. If Samsung Galaxy S III can have both an Exynos quad and Snapdragon S4 version, why can’t the RAZR diversify the choice?  No idea if the Moto XT890 supports LTE, but the FCC says it has AT&T-friendly 2G and 3G radio. Dual band WiFi is also mentioned, but no trace of NFC sadly. I wonder how the benchmarks will look like when you compare a handset with the Intel Medfield 2 GHz CPU on board with the same handset with dual core Snapdragon S4 on board…

I’m talking here about the RAZR M obviously, provided that it is in fact the Motorola XT890 handset. I expect some of the specs to be kept, like the edge to edge screen, 8 GB of storage, a microSD card slot, 1 GB of RAM, Android 4.0 or even Jelly Bean and an 8 megapixel camera. We’ll learn more next week, on September 18th.

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