If you’re searching for a top notch Bluetooth car kit, one that’s compatible with most handsets, S1 Sun Visor is the answer. It uses the “voice isolation” technology developed by BlueAnt, that cancels the background noise, wind and echoes.



S1 Sun Visor comes with a multipoint system, that allows it to connect to up to 2 handsets simultaneously, via Bluetooth and you’ll even be able to select which phone will take your calls. The accessory supports handsfree call taking, while you’re driving and you’ll also be able to use voice control to answer calls.


Audio streaming is also supported from your Bluetooth A2DP-enabled handset and we learn that the gadget works 10 metres away (max) from the phone and provides up to 15 hours of talk time. It’ll also last 800 hours in standby mode and it incorporates a Li-ion battery, supports vocal recognition and the device weighs 100 grams.

[via Mobilissimo]

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