Patent Bolt has unveiled a few new design patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office database, that detail a brand new LG mobile speaker dock and a new Samsung smartphone. They also include a desktop display, much like an iMac or Apple display in design.



The smartphone shown here isn’t your typical Samsung handset, but it feels more like something Nokia would make or perhaps Sony. It also reminds me of the “PadFone” device that was leaked in an older patent a few weeks ago, also made by Samsung. This also feels a tad like a unibody phone, with much bigger bezels (especially top and bottom) than Samsung usually offers.

The patent is quite old, being filed in February 2012 for the US and September 2011 in Korea. LG’s patent shows a typical dock for mobiles, while Samsung has another patent mentioned here, this time related to icons for gaming, camera and calling. So, we’re supposed to expect a new smartphone and possibly a new UI…

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