As usual @evleaks is on the job, in the weekends as well, this time leaking a brand new Windows Phone model. The newcomer is the Samsung ATIV SE, pictured below. This model is supposed to be the follow-up of the Samsung Ativ S model from 2012.



Just as the Ativ S borrowed design elements from the Galaxy S III, the new Ativ is expected to get some traits of the Galaxy S4. This model was previously leaked as Samsung Huron and now it appears under this new name. The ATIV SE is expected to run Windows Phone 8.1 and it could debut around the time of BUILD 2014, where the new OS will be launched.

The handset is expected to keep some of the specs of the Galaxy S4, probably including 2 GB of RAM and a high end Snapdragon processor. As usual, such specs are overkill for a Windows Phone and the thing that interests me the most is the camera. Will it be a 13 MP unit or more?

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