Samsung Electronics Co has just posted a record in quarterly profit: $4.7 billion, for the latest quarter. The credit here goes to the impressive smartphone sales and I guess that the biggest part of that belongs to the Galaxy series.

Samsung also announced its intention to invest $22 billion into boosting chip production and flat screens this tear. The Asian company was very happy with the Q3 results, especially since it surpassed Apple in the smartphone segment, as far as device sales are concerned. In Q4 Apple gained back its crown, with an incredible record of 37.04 million iPhones sold.

Samsung was pretty close with 36.5 million smartphones sold in Q4 and third place was Nokia with 19.6 million. Keep in mind that the sales figures above weren’t made public by Samsung, but they were estimated by Strategy Analytics, so maybe Samsung even surpassed Apple, although they would have bragged about that by now. The telecom segment at Samsung brought them a record $2.35 billion profit in the October-December quarter, thanks to the very high sales of the Galaxy smartphones.